Somervale School


I was asked at Parents’ Evening how parents and friends of Somervale can get involved to help the cause, so I’ve come up with an idea.

On Friday 12th February from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm for one day only we are opening up the event to any parent or ‘friend of Somervale’ who wishes to contribute some miles to the cause. 15 laps of the astro‐turf takes about an hour to walk and all laps will count towards our target of walking around the circumference of the earth, so you can go at your own pace. We will need every lap we can get to reach our goal.

If you can spare an hour or so on that evening bring a comfortable pair of trainers or flat shoes and join in. We will give you a card to record the laps as you do them and mark your cards at the end of each lap. Cards will be collected as you leave. Students and staff can continue to use the lap cards collected from the library.

If you wish make a donation or get someone to sponsor you for your laps even better, but principally we need as many of you as possible to walk the laps for us.

Only extreme weather will put us off so bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. We will provide something warm to drink at the end.

Hope you can rally to the cause, we need your laps! Hope to see you there.