Somervale School

Somervale Celebrates Students Success

Somervale School’s annual Celebration Evening was held on Thursday 19th November, taking time to acknowledge the many successes of students and in particular last year’s record-breaking Year 11 results. The school hall was filled almost to bursting with students and proud families who were keen to take the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past year.

Over 150 students were rewarded with trophies to celebrate their academic successes from every subject on the curriculum. In addition, every child who managed to attend for every single day of the past year was given an award. But the main event of the evening was to celebrate the magnificent GCSE results from this summer, and the vast majority of the Year 11 year group were present to formally collect their GCSE certificates and claim awards for the best individual students in each subject area. There were also the special awards for Matthew Hutchinson, the school’s most promising young technology student (sponsored by BMT), the Callum Stewart’s Award for the best sporting and academic achievement in the year (named after former student and England Schoolboys’ Football captain, Callum Stewart) went to Jake Beale and the Lisa Rupprecht Award for Endeavour was awarded to Lisa Huckle in memory of another former pupil.

The evening closed with the Deputy Head’s Award (for the greatest academic success in Year 10) going to Karyn Farrell and the Headteacher’s Award for the best individual GCSE results was awarded to Connie Glover (7 A*’s, 4 A’s). The school is extremely proud of the fantastic progress of students over the past year and looks forward to celebrating yet more success again next year.