Somervale School

Somervale School Embrace ‘Peace One Day’

In 1998 Jeremy Gilley desired there be one single day when all countries vowed not to wage war, a worldwide ceasefire, a day of non-violence.

He established ‘Peace One Day’ which takes place annually on 21 September.

In addition to the worldwide ceasefire, the day is meant to be one of inspiration for young people, a day in which they learn that as a group they can indeed be a driving force towards realising a united and sustainable world.

Somervale School embraces all that this day represents and have actively celebrated it through various activities by using active-learning in areas of reconciliation, intercultural cooperation, and the notion of global citizenship. The day will be marked through sport, education and art.

We gathered a selection of students across KS3 and KS4 outdoors to participate in forming a large peace symbol to represent unity.

During one of their History lessons, the students discussed and selected 2 Icons of Peace and Equality which will be included in the global project with which the school is already involved. A selection of students from mixed year groups have taken these selections and collaboratively produced the two chosen Peace portraits of President Obama and Mother Teresa. During the workshop students took part in a live Skype Q&A session with Jeremy Gilley founder of ‘Peace One Day’.

Other activities included English students composing poems inspired by peace, a lunchtime game of football, celebrating cooperation and mutual respect through the uniting power of sport.

Finally the day concluded with an assembly, looking at what had been achieved as a school and how it reflects the positive action that is happening around the world.

We hope this day will raise awareness, inspire our students, and of course be good fun.