Somervale School

School Transport

The Local Authority (LA) will provide free transport between home and school if the school attended is the nearest appropriate one. There are several criteria which need to be met, including: the distance between home and school is three miles or more. These distances are referred to as "statutory walking distances". Free transport will not be given if the distance exceeds 10 miles or the journey time exceeds 1 hour 15 minutes for secondary pupils.


It is the Local Authority who have the contract with the coach companies, not the school. The LA also decides whether students are entitled to bus passes or not. Therefore any issues regarding the issue of bus passes, these be addressed to the relevant Local Authority.


If you have any complaints with regard to the service that the bus companies provide you must contact the relevant Local Authority on the numbers provided below:


Further information can be found on the Bath and North East Somerset website by clicking here. For information on transport provided by Somerset click here.

Transport provided by Bath & North East Somerset

01225 395208 - To check your child's eligibility to travel on school transport

01225 394380 - To complain about an element of service including buses not stopping in the morning


Transport provided by Somerset

01823 355890 - For all aspects of travel


Council Run School Coaches/Buses

(Note: You will need to apply to your Local Authority for this service, of which not all families are entitled to the service)


These services are shared with Norton Hill students

  • BANES Supported Travel: Somerset Transport
    Timsbury > Camerton > Radford > Paulton > Somervale School

  • BANES Supported Travel: CT Coaches
    Peasdown St. John > Clandown > Somervale School

  • BANES Supported Travel: Private Contractor
    High Littleton > Farrington Gurney > Paulton > Somervale School

Somerset Supported Travel:

  • Arleen Coaches
    Coleford > Holecombe > Somervale School

Public Transport Departure & Pick-up Times For the BANES & Somerset Areas

Please click here to view First Bus Timetable Changes, commencing from October 2012 

Click here to open the PDFof local Bus Service Timetables.


Please Note: This PDF is only a rough guide to the times and services of the local bus companies that provide transport within the area, and that Parents should contact their local bus service providers directly to check the routes and the times shown within this document before planning their child’s journey to and from school. These times are subject to check without prior notice. The times and services as outlined in this document are subject to change and cancellation without prior warning.
The school cannot be held responsible if these services are running late or do not arrive at the designated Bus Stops at the advertised times.


Adverse Weather on Somerset Coaches (Only)

As you are aware we have suffered severe flooding recently which has disrupted some school transport contracts. In an effort to improve our communication with schools and parents we have set up a website. This advises which schools are closed, routes not operating or restricted routes. In the event of severe weather, could you look at the website below before calling Transporting Somerset as this will enable staff to answer the Contractors and keep the website up-to-date! 


Our website is: The routes held on the Weather affected routes - School Transport on the webpage are those vehicles with 16 seats or more.


School closure information from the Somerset Learning Platform is at:

Behaviour on School Transport

Children travelling on Local Authority transport are expected to conform to the accepted code of behaviour which applies in the school whilst on the transport. To find out what we expect please click on the link below.