Somervale School

About Us

Somervale School is a small school, by design, in a modern environment
and supportive community.



Learning is designed around the needs of each child with the expectation that all make outstanding progress.


Children experience excellence, particularly in the specialist area of English, Music and Media Arts.


All children leave school with an understanding of how to learn, think creatively, take risks and handle change.


All children get the chance to participate and take leading roles in all the school has to offer.


Self esteem and personal growth are nurtured and where children take on responsibility as local and global citizens.


A child’s chances of success are not related to their social economic background, gender or ethnicity.


Teachers use their expertise and knowledge to engage children in their learning and act quickly to adjust their teaching in response to students’ learning.


Leadership encourages the will for betterment in all.


The best of both worlds:

Somervale seeks to take the best out of the private school system so that all children benefit from high quality education.


  • An expectation of academic excellence.

  • An enriched curriculum, particularly in arts and sports.

  • A small school ethos, encouraging all students to take the lead and develop personal responsibility.

  • A collective pride and celebration of all the talents.

  • Supported ‘prep’ time for future lessons.

  • Excellence in behaviour and pastoral care.

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“Somervale has the highest proportion of students in Bath and North East Somerset progressing on to university.”

Department for Education 

Destination League Table (2013)